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Located in Qiantang Jiangpan Chaoyang industrial park, Haining Tenasi Wall New Materials Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive dope enterprise with R&D, sale, engineering construction and service. The company has established our unique brand image in the market. Ejection capital is 5 million yuan.


Haining Tenasi Wall New Materials Co., Ltd. owns specialized scientific research team and excellent sales team, and will combine international advanced production equipments, production craft and locale business mode depending on local talent resources. Through this year’s effort, we gradually lead in ISO9001 international quality management system and ISO4001 international environment management system, and provide guarantee for producing better cost performance products. Products get many provincial honors. We still provide products and special construction service for province and large-scale architectures. The company insists on business philosophy of offering safety, healthy and satisfied environmental-friendly products.


In 2009, domestic real estates, crude oil and raw materials are reduced effected by international financial crisis. Of course, dope industrial is not inevitable. We still believe that we will overcome crisis and make it our opportunity under the guide of general manager to drive us to constantly develop and become strong.


Haining Tenasi Wall New Materials Co., Ltd.

Add: 163#, Dajinchang, Jinshan Village, Zhouwangmiao town, Haining, Zhejiang, China 
Tel: +86-573-87628298

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